Gotta Cash em All

“I want to pay with the very best like no one ever has.”  I’ve been a user and believer in Bitcoin for a number of years and am happy to musically endorse this groundbreaking technology. And what better way than to use the GOAT anthem to sing about this revolutionary technology.Uniquely the psychology and success of Pokemon I believe is based, to a large degree, on its ability to be a decentralized system. People all across the world are creating unique value and sharing with each other their individual and imaginative creations. Videos, live shows, pop up restaurants, games, social media channels, charities, news sites, clothing, toys, training, art, music, memes and more. The comic-con world is another great example of millions of fan-based creators coming together to exchange that value in a giant venue every weekend somewhere on the planet.

Pokemon Go is probably the best example of decentralization empowering people uniquely and individually all around the world. The Go community then also sharing the value with each other in real time in person face to face. Mind to mind. Heart to heart.

PokemonTaps into the imagination of the individual. It’s card game, one of the foundations of the whole ecosystem, is based on a few simple parameters. Strength and health points (HP), heads or tails and some simple math allow Pokemon players to imagine and harness “the power inside” of each Pokemon. They commit to its evolution and its expansion in value and take it with them in their mind and their pocket wherever they go.

It’s almost like we do with evolving crypto based companies. Each is like an evolving Pokemon who’s value can be stored in a brain wallet. A memory wallet. It’s just in your mind, related to a series of words you create and can transfer to anybody anywhere simply by communicating those words. Thats the magic of the blockchain in action. Soon more Pokemon cards will be represented as tradable assets on blockchains.

Hopefully all of this technology physically outside of us (computer chips, consuming electricity and lots of real energy) will ultimately lead us to a more robust personal internal imaginative world of our own creation. As we can protect and secure our privacy through this emerging technology it’ll give us greater freedom in our own protected spaces to create more robust art, interaction and personal growth.

But just like Pokemon players need to know everything about every Pokemon in order to make the most informed decision about whom to play to take over that poke-stop, we as new users this emerging tech need to know which wallets will protect our funds, which social media platforms will not sell us out, and which search engines will not shadow ban needed content that could enlighten us.

At present we know almost all communication companies collect all of our conversations, calls, emails, blog posts, camera photos and associated data, and track our GPS travel and location data down to the number of steps we take. And the expanding 5g internet of things soon will track many more items around us. Smart meters logging our fridge, toaster oven, microwave, stove behaviors can and will even track the food we eat. Next is our bodies and our mental states – blood pressure, heart rate, medical records and just about everything to ever happen in our lives. This is the emerging future, potentially helpful or harmful depending on how we use it. Blockchain can give us both greater accountability and greater anonymity. It’s all about how we use the tools.

The goal is to evolve. To “be the very best, like no one ever was”. In Pokemon and in the world. We can do this through continued investment and adoption of these new technologies directed by our internal sense of what is uniquely best for each of us,  for our chosen families, our communities and beyond. Thus inspiring a beautiful and evolving world of unlimited, imaginative possibilities.

Now it’s time for new value creators in the dApps (just like apps but D-ecentralized) market to create companies that help people navigate the new frontiers of blockchain and secure their lives digitally, socially, economically, artistically and beyond.